Global Delivery Model

Our Integrated, Global Delivery Model

Prosis’s  IT sourcing models are designed to maximize business value. We combine an optimal blend of onshore and offshore resources with our service-oriented architecture principles, proven processes and “go beyond” approach to ensure your satisfaction. 

Our customizable IT sourcing models are designed to meet your project’s unique needs while helping your business realize its limitless potential.

Onsite Consulting
Ideal for projects requiring highly skilled consultants with superior domain experience and grasp, our onsite consulting model allows your company to access our expertise in your own office.

  • On-going production environment
  • Ability to personally supervise activities
  • Enhanced security of sensitive data


Offsite & Offshore Consulting
Our offsite consulting model allows you to choose either to manage your resources yourself, or let us do it for you. Either way, in this model, our consultants work for you from our office. Recommended for projects with well-defined goals and deliverables, our offshore sourcing model optimizes cost while providing state-of-the-art services through our offshore development facilities in India, Pakistan and UAE.

  • Ideal for tightly budgeted projects
  • Consultants work under you supervision but in our offices
  • Access to industry-best resources and skill sets
  • Complete flexibility to scale up or down
  • Full control over project development
  • Cost optimization and progress visibility
  • Business continuity with time advantage (round-the-clock offshore development facility)

Ideal for projects requiring cost optimization combined with quick turnarounds, our hybrid sourcing model provides you with the best of our onsite and offshore models by leveraging our offshore development facility to provide round-the-clock development at low production costs.

  • Combines the best of onsite and offshore development models
  • Immediate response time to address technical and time-critical operations
  • Round-the-clock development activity and support
  • Best value for investment

The Benefits of Prosis Delivery Centers: Cost Savings Plus Value Add

  • Uninterrupted, 24/7 support from our global teams
  • Flexible delivery model that allows access to necessary skills and capabilities
  • Cost-effective solutions delivered through a global operating model
  • Innovation delivered through the knowledge and support of global teams
  • Risk reduction by building in operational and geopolitical diversity